The fundamentals of Give Soul originate from the summer of 2011. At that moment the Rotterdam house- and techno scene wasn’t anything to get excited about. It characterized itself by bad organized events at even worse venues and with low amounts of visitors. This of course called for change. A group of young friends decided to take initiative by starting to host their own (illegal) raves in the city of Rotterdam, among them founder and current owner Karim Soliman. The main value of these events ought to be quality and it still is up to this day.


As the demand for high quality house- and techno parties grew in 2012, Give Soul started to develop itself as an organisation with multiple concepts. Glow in the Dark, BPM and of course Rotterdam Rave were some of the first events that helped build the company. After that many concepts followed such as Triangle, Dondernacht, It’s All About and Aventura and in just five years Give Soul had positioned itself as a leading organisation when it comes to house and techno in Rotterdam.
Now, after 5 years of being an event agency, we want to broaden our spectrum. Our biggest concepts Rotterdam Rave and Triangle can function on their own which gives us the time to do what we love most: promoting house music. However now instead of having many different faces with a great variety of content, we will start to look beyond just organizing events and work towards operating as an electronic music platform that supports and helps build the Rotterdam house community. The new DJ collective of all Rotterdam-based artists will represent this 2.0 version of Give Soul throughout multiple livestreams, hostings and (new) events in what holds to be a new chapter for our organisation.