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Prunk #1

Started his dj career over 10 years ago and still remains relevant. He fell in love with house music when he was 11 years old, receiving an Ian Pooley record from his older brother. His first remix was the one of The Stafford Brother’s track, ‘I Can See’.

Together with his Chris Stussy he released the ‘Material’ EP on EWax, ‘The Machine’ EP on Nervous Records In the winter of 2016. Also they released EP’s on Moulton and Innercity Record.

In the last years he played gigs in different countries such as US, Dominican Republic, Russia, Brazil, Bali, at a lot of festivals in Europe and mostly in Netherlands. Such as Awakenings, DGTL, Straf_Werk, Amsterdam Open Air, Verknipt, Loveland and others.

Nowadays still present in the scene and owner of the label PIV.

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