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Relativ #2

A Duo DJ’s and Producers from Utrecht. Luiz Plein and Tim Brussels, also known as Buurman & Buurman and since 2017 known as ”Relativ”.

5 Years ago working together at a supermarket, they shared their love for electronic music and decided to form a dj-duo.

From that time on, they started producing their own tracks and perform at clubs like Basis and Chicago Social Club. Their release ‘1970’ came out in May 2014 on Armada Music, it was a big success, the first of much to come.

They got residencies at Verknipt and Nachtcollege and had several performances for Lakedance, Wish Outdoor, Dance Valley and Starf_Werk.

The connection and balance between them lead to a perfect harmony during their sets and their life, making their mark in the Dutch electronic music scene.

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